Everyone who completes a Way You Are experience is asked to answer a questionnaire both before and after the shoot takes place.  Below, are some extracts from the post shoot questions.  These are deliberately left anonymous.


I now know how to make the impression I want as a strong, bold woman

I’ve a new found respect for models

The shoot was empowering, as the time went on I learnt to be proud of who I was

I learnt a lot about how to position yourself to look good in photos, feel better about myself, do something out of my comfort zone

This is definitely a gift to yourself

I feel more comfortable and not feel scared at the sight of a camera

I feel more confident which I know will build over time

The shoot showed me something ( about myself ) that I hadn’t seen before

I’ll definitely be back for more

Before the shoot I rated myself as a 3 out of 10, now it’s a 6

The boudoir stuff was the easiest though I expected it to be the most challenging

The shoot allowed me to accept my body as it is now and be happy with it

Made me see a little of what others seem to see when they look at me

I have a reputation for being glamorous but seldom feel it

It was a great experience. A chance for a bit of self reflection

So pleased I’m still grinning

Wanna change career now … model all the way
Would love to do it again !!! Totally gutted it’s all over TBH
You are fabulous
Can’t believe they are me!! They are just wonderful! Thank you doesn’t cover it!