The Experience

The Way You Are is an experience

What’s on offer is more than just a photo shoot

The Way You Are is a gift to yourself, and others.  It’s different to any thing you will have experienced before.  It certainly isn’t the same as visiting a high street studio.

Think of it like this, you can eat a quick meal in a high street burger bar or a chef can come to ask you what you like and prepare it for you just how you want it.   In both places you will be fed but at the burger bar you will get the same meal as all the other people that go there, no matter where in the world they go.

In a 5 star restaurant you will receive treatment like no where else.  Delicious food, quality wine, incredible service.  It not just about the food in a high class restaurant it’s the experience of being pampered and  treated like a 5 star guest.

With The Way You Are every aspect of the shoot is crafted around you and you alone.  No 2 experiences are the same, the pictures are unique to you and you alone.

Many people have doubts, that’s normal.

I don’t know how to pose ?

Is this going to be tasteful ?

Will I like what I see ?

I’m listening to it all, answering those questions.  Romantic, sensual, seductive,  your photographs are styled around your needs.

The Way You Are is an amazing bespoke experience where together we create gorgeous photographs, incredible memories and boost your self confidence in a way like never before.

Every Way You Are Experience is made up of

Pre Shoot Consultation

An opportunity to get to know eachother, find out out about us and start the Way You Are journey.

Personalised Mood board

Pictures are worth 1000 words, at least.  Using Pinterest to capture ideas and influencing images that help us to shape and tailor your shoot just for you.

Bespoke Make Over

In the hands of one of the experienced make up and hair artists.  You but better, enhancing the natural beauty to deliver flawless looks.

Photo session

We start of simple and posing you from head to toe, top to bottom making you feel comfortable in front of the camera.  Encouragement, piece of mind and an unforgettable experience.

Private In Person Viewing

Not long after the photos are taken a selection of your photographs displayed on a wall for you to celebrate.

After shoot catch up

It’s important to me you know exactly how the experience was for you what you felt, and the impact it may have had on you.  Just like before we knew eachother we’ll have a brief chat and answer a few questions.  Not only do I want this to be something that helps you for the good, but if there any changes to make to the experience let me know.